Zero-impact mobility: Ebikes, cargo Ebikes
and unique handmade Etrikes made in Italy

Electric pedal assisted bikes and trikes for all needs: 
vintage and elegant city bikes, multi-purpose cargo bikes, Etrikes with suspensions for heavy loads, Etrikes for street food and street cleaning. Quality engineering and custom-made fittings.

E-bike, Cargo bike, Etrike Customized ebike

Our Made in Italy is not just quality construction and custom-made fittings, but it contains Italian design and style that adds value and personality to the bikes.


Quality craftsmanship
Italian design, handicraft production and direct assistance. All electric bikes are born as a unique product, designed and built with specialized technical expertise. Some solutions adopted are covered by a BREZZA patent.


Made in Italy
BREZZA is the fusion between the tradition of the Italian bicycle and the innovation of electric motors: the elegance of the made in Italy at the service of Ebikes performance, for unique and customized transport solutions.


Green Style
Choosing BREZZA means giving your life a green twist. The BREZZA electric bikes are the zero-impact moving both for leisure and for work, ideal for moving on short and medium distance without the hassle of parking and traffic.



BREZZA guarantees assistance and maintenance at 360 °. Our workshop will be able to meet the needs of each customer, even for changes or faults not covered by warranty.


Each BREZZA bicycle is a unique product and for this reason we apply a serial number to each frame that allows us to identify each bike sold and to univocally associate the owner with his bicycle.


All electric bicycles are guaranteed. There is a 2-year guarantee for private individuals. BREZZA provides its own workshop for repairs and customizations.