Cargo e-bike | Private use

The Mugnaia cargo Ebike is tailor-made for the family and for professional use.

Cargo Ebike Mugnaia is the ideal model for the woman who wants to use a bicycle instead of a car in the city, can go to shopping, take the children to school or carry the dog.

The strengths of the Mugnaia cargo Ebike are the two luggage racks: extended rear, ideal for transporting children with the aid of side footboards; front fixed to the frame to place a large basket and allow full maneuverability of the vehicle even when fully loaded.

The lower frame of the Mugnaia facilitates the ascent and descent even at full load, very important for the safety of the driver.

The 500 Wh removable lithium battery is rechargeable in about 5 hours, allow to ride for a range of 80km, in standard conditions at 20km / h.

The Mugnaia model is designed by Brezza and just weight 30kg thanks to the aluminum frame, making it possible to move with agility on narrow and main roads.