Cargo e-bike | Private use

Bramante cargo Ebike is tailor-made for the family and for professional use.

Agile, versatile, customizable, light - only 30kg battery included - it is equipped with a rear rack on which you can mount a large basket or two seats approved for transporting children, has a mahogany plywood top and two side footbords to support feet, boxes and bags.

The Schwalbe "Big Apple” reflex 26" tires are the best guarantee for a comfort driving in a bumpy road, with good puncture resistance. They offer maximum stability and performance even at full load.

The electric component of Bramante cargo Ebike is a further mark of reliability: the 250W brushless motor integrated in the rear hub has as power, silence, energy efficiency, longevity; the 500 Wh battery allows you to ride for a range of 80km at 20km/h speed, with full recharge in about 5 hours.

Bramante, with frame designed by Brezza, is the optimal solution also for lovers of cycling and camping.

The accessories have been made thinking of those who use the bicycle to transport things, animals and children while always maintaining the elegance of an Italian bike.